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Welcome to your Spiffy Store!

We’re really glad you decided to take our software for a spin. To help you get you started with your store, here are a couple of tips regarding what you see on this page.

The text you see here is set up as a page called “Home Page” that’s editable in your toolbox. To edit this page, create new pages or create new articles, you can go to the Blogs & Pages tab of the toolbox menu.

The Theme you select can completely change the look of your store. To get you started, we’ve pre-loaded the Darwin Theme. You can edit your theme in your Theme Editor, or click here for instructions on how to customise this theme. You can also change to another theme in your store’s Theme Gallery

To get products to display on your home page, you should add them to the “Home Page” collection.

While you’re looking around be sure to check out the Collections and Navigation tabs, and soon you will be well on your way to populating your site.