Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms Blackhawk Upper Control Arms

Blackhawk Upper Control Arms


Designed to maximise clearance and travel, while giving 3 degrees of caster to suit 50-70mm lift, with bonded rubber bushes and to take the factory ball joint for maximum reliablity.

Blackhawk 4×4 have identified a requirement for a program supplying replacement Upper control arm’s (UCA) that are fitted to a wide range of late model IFS vehicles. As a result we have developed the Blackhawk program – a product that will bolt in with marked improvements over the OE design.

The evolution of the Blackhawk UCA’s…

When a vehicle has raised suspension and this can be anything from 30mm or above, it will disrupt the vehicles relationship with factory set geometry and create issues such as…

  • Reduced caster correction – causing vague steering and response
  • Bump steer resulting in reduced handling – with an out of control feeling
  • Clearance issues to suspension and wheels/tyres – larger wheels can hit suspension components
  • Some standard vehicles can have an issue of the UCA hitting the coil on full droop
  • Strength of OE equipment in offroad scenarios

The Blackhawk UCA’s have been designed in conjunction with industry experts to ensure vehicle fitment is comprehensive. In this process we identified a large number of issues that can be present, resulting in a list of features we included to overcome these issues…

  • 3 degrees of fixed Caster correction
  • Camber change to meet OE spec
  • Clearance to larger aftermarket wheels and tyres
  • Clearance to suspension components and chassis
  • Fixed position balljoint
  • Maintain OE specification ball joint and bushings
  • Ball joint binding
  • Securing ABS lines
  • Increased strength compared to the OE design
  • Heavy Duty Long life Balljoints
  • Dust Cap

OEM and Blackhawk Upper control arm samples have been computer modeled and subsequently FEA tested with static and bump/lateral load tests, these results have been reviewed and certified by VASS Engineers locally who unequivocally confirm the design and materials chosen to manufacture the Blackhawk arms, and that they are of sound design and furthermore exceed the original equipment by design in strength and functionality.

A key feature identified by the FEA testing was the amount of deflection seen between the OE component and the Blackhawk UCA, with the Blackhawk arms being 3 times stiffer than the original equipment, resulting in significant increased handling and feel of your vehicle as the suspension cycles.

The manufacturing process is controlled with a range of Quality Assurance procedures in place, some of these include…

  • Welding specifications, Material and procedure
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing jigs inspected for conformity regularly
  • Random post manufacturing QC checks
  • ISO/TS16949:2009
  • IATF number 0224504 – Manufacture of steering and suspension parts

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