OPTIMA Bluetop Range OPTIMA Bluetop Range OPTIMA Bluetop Range OPTIMA Bluetop Range

OPTIMA Bluetop Range

from $309.00

Type: Battery

Brand: Century

The Ultimate Power Source

Optima Batteries are the ultimate power source, built for superior performance and longer life in extreme operating conditions.

The secret is in Optima’s patented SpiralCell™ technology, where spiral-wound cells replace the flat battery plates found in most traditional batteries. This unique design offers a number of performance advantages in deep cycle, marine and starting applications including:

  • 15 times more vibration resistant
  • More efficient starting power
  • Longer battery life
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • Greater running time
  • Faster recharge
  • longer shelf-life
  • A maintenance-free, spill-proof case

For Life on the Water

Your marine battery is under constant demand, to start your engine and provide the cycling power needed to run your on-board accessories. The Optima BLUETOP™ high performance AGM battery is the choice of boat owners who want a battery that can deliver time after time under all conditions.

The patented SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY™ makes this the perfect battery to deliver a strong burst of starting power when you need it and to run modern extensive electric systems in boats. Optima BLUETOP™ is world renowned for its exceptional vibration resistance, spill proof design, ability to hold charge while dormant and faster recharge giving you more time to enjoy the places your Optima BLUETOP™ battery can take you.

Product Warranty Volts CCA MCA RC Ah Dimensions (mm) Polarity Terminal Type
D43M 24 12 750 870 120 55 254×171×199 D STD/WN
34M 24 12 800 1000 100 50 254×171×199 D STD/WN
D27M 24 12 800 1000 140 66 305×172×225 D STD/WN
D31M 24 12 900 1125 155 75 329×171×238 D STD/WN

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