Electronic Rust Protection - AutoSaver System Electronic Rust Protection - AutoSaver System

Electronic Rust Protection - AutoSaver System


The Auto Saver System

The Auto Saver System works by drawing a tiny amount of current from the vehicle’s battery and impressing into the metal through a contact point. The electrons from the current enrich the metal surfaces of the vehicle and serve to inhibit the corrosion of the iron molecules exposed to oxygen and moisture.

The Auto Saver OBD Corrosion Protection Unit delivers 24 milliamps of impressed current in order to cathodically protect the vehicle’s metal surfaces from corrosion. Auto Saver has designed and built a test apparatus to prove to the customer that the unit is delivering the 24 milliamps to the vehicle’s metal chassis.

What is OBD?

Starting in 1996, the US government mandated that all vehicles be equipped with an on board diagnostic system. The system is accessible through a port or OBD port which allows technicians to access and analyze vehicle systems data.
Because the OBD port links directly to the vehicle’s battery and grounding system and is non-proprietary, many OBD devices have been developed for vehicles, including GPS, Wi-Fi and telematics. Thanks to Auto Saver Systems, vehicles can now be protected from rust simply by connecting the Auto Saver Corrosion Protection Unit into the vehicle OBD port.

No modification to any vehicle components or disconnection of any power source is necessary. Simply use the OBD port to obtain readings on any unpainted, chipped, or exposed metal part of the vehicle.

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